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3 Flaws of Employee Engagement Video: Flaw #3—Engagement Drives Results

Why do so many employee engagement initiatives fail? Nicole Price of Cy Wakeman explains that there are three key reasons based on faulty assumptions made by employers. In this video, Price discusses the 3rd flaw—believing that engagement alone drives results—during a session at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS). Nicole Price, vice president of Training […]

Seven-Figure Sales Reps—Final Best Practices

On Wednesday and Thursday, sales guru Joseph DiMisa looked at what organizations can do to help their reps push closer to the million-dollar threshold. To wrap up the week, Dimisa presents some final best practices of seven-figure sales reps. Once an organization has reps with the right competencies and has “decontaminated” their time, the next […]

The Top 10 Time-Wasters Keeping Your Sales Reps from the Million-Dollar Mark

In yesterday’s Advisor, sales expert Joseph DiMisa outlined how to determine the right competencies for million-dollar sales reps; today, DiMisa shares tips on how to keep your reps spending their time productively as they strive for the seven-figure mark. With over 20 years of experience working in all aspects of sales, DiMisa is Sibson’s Sales […]