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Can’t We Use the ‘Faltering Company’ Exception for Layoffs?

Well, we’re faltering, you may think, so we don’t have to worry about WARN, but it’s not as simple as that. Exceptions to the WARN Act Notice Requirements The WARN Act’s notice requirements do not apply if the conditions of one of the following exceptions are met: Temporary facility Completion of a particular project when […]

Layoff, Furlough, or Pay Cut: Which Is Best?

When you’ve trimmed all the fat you can trim from operations and marketing and the budget still isn’t balanced, companies have to turn to labor costs. But what’s the best option? There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Hiring Freeze Instituting a hiring freeze is an almost knee-jerk reaction in many organizations. But there are […]

Be Up-Front When Communicating Pay-Cutting Strategies

There was a popular song in the 1970s telling listeners that the hardest word to say is “sorry.” You may agree with that, generally speaking. But for those who are less musically inclined, and those whose companies are suffering in the current bleak economy, different words likely come to mind: Words like “layoff,” “furlough,” or […]

Tips for Managing a Reduced Workforce Cutting Corners to ‘Save a Buck’ Can Cost Millions Down the Line

by Warren Nelson and Karl Lindegren, Fisher & Phillips, LLP  In today’s tough economy, employers worldwide have been forced to shed key personnel in order to minimize costs. Companies large and small have reduced their workforce by drastic numbers, many left with no choice but to lay off valued employees. However, in the wake of […]

Cutting Corners When Cutting Employee’s Hours Can Cost Employers

As surely as the word “layoffs” have become part of nervous break room conversations in companies across the country, enterprising employers have sought out creative alternatives to the standard layoff regime of cost-cutting. Using tactics such as hiring freezes, offers of unpaid leave, shortened workweeks, and even pay cuts, employers may be able to avoid […]