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Mr. Pink May Have Been On to Something with His ‘No Tipping’ Logic

In an iconic scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi’s character, Mr. Pink, gets into a heated argument over why he refuses to tip the waitress that is serving the table. During the debate, Mr. Pink successfully voices his concern over tipping and influences one of the other characters to follow suit. It appears […]

Highlights of BLR’s 2016-2017 Pay Budget Survey

Conducted in May, BLR’s 2016-2017 Pay Budget Survey provides data from 555 participants on 2016 increase amounts for senior management, management, exempt non-management, hourly office, and hourly non-office employees, as well as the increase amounts being budgeted for next year and the most common increase amount by performance level.

Good and Bad News in 2011 Compensation Survey Results

There’s good news and bad news to be found in the results of HRHero.com’s 2011 Compensation Survey. The good news is that last year 32 percent of respondents said they were going to have a wage freeze in 2010, but this year only 21 percent say they are planning to have a wage freeze in the […]