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Summer Hiring: 2 in 5 Employers Expecting to Recruit Seasonal Help

The summer job market is upon us and with good news—companies are stepping up their summer hiring. Forty-one percent of employers plan to hire seasonal workers for the summer, a significant jump from 29% last year. Of those who are hiring summer workers, 34% are hiring a friend, 30% a family member, and 19% their […]


Are Commissioned California Employees Entitled to Separate Pay for Rest Periods?

Rest period violations are a source of enormous potential liability for employers, so it’s critical to ensure that you are appropriately compensating employees for their rest periods. A California appellate court recently tackled the issue of whether commissioned employees are entitled to separate compensation for rest periods and whether that requirement may be satisfied by paying them a guaranteed minimum hourly rate as an advance on commissions.


Ask the Expert: How Soon Must We Rectify Paycheck Error?

Question: We made an error on an employee’s paycheck. They were not paid for 8 hours of vacation time.  Do we need to make this payment within a certain time period of  paycheck date? Can a company have a policy that any adjustments will be reflected in the following paycheck?

How Often Should You Pay Your Employees?

If yours is an established business, you may be beyond the question posed above because you set your pay schedule long ago. But if you’re just getting started, considering a change, or setting up a new business beneath your established umbrella operation, you may be wondering about whether there is a right or wrong answer.

Does Withholding Final Wages Create FLSA Claim?

By Raanon Gal, Taylor English Duma LLP The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals— which covers Alabama, Florida, and Georgia—recently ruled whether an hourly computer employee whose employer withheld his final 3 weeks had a minimum wage claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

64% of Employers Support Minimum Wage Increases, Survey Finds

Three-quarters of Americans (75%) are living paycheck-to-paycheck to make ends meet, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. Thirty-eight percent of employees said they sometimes live paycheck-to-paycheck, 15% said they usually do and 23% said they always do.

Downton Abbey: Handling an employee resignation with class

Although Downton Abbey focuses on the upstairs/downstairs dynamics of the fictional aristocratic Crawley family and their staff, there are still some lessons that contemporary employers may take from the show. For instance, in a recent episode, the staff dealt with the sudden resignation of second footman Alfred, as he was accepted into the Ritz cooking […]

Changes to West Virginia wage payment act go into effect today

by Susan Llewellyn Deniker Amendments to the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act (WPCA) go into effect today, changing the rules on when discharged employees must be given their final paycheck. Under the old law, discharged employees had to be paid all wages owed within 72 hours of termination. This year, the legislature amended […]