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Wage and Hour: What Are the Pros and Cons of Classifying Salaried Employees as “Salaried Nonexempt?”

Our VP of HR wants me to evaluate whether we should consider applying “salaried nonexempt” status to some of our nonexempt employees. I’m having trouble nailing down exactly why a company would choose to do this, and also, how it would work. I understand that the employees still get overtime, so what’s the point? — […]

DOL Collected $166 Million for Employees in 2005

Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division collected $166 million in back wages on behalf of 241,000 employees for employer violations of laws enforced by the division. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal wage-and- hour law, the division recovered a total of $134.2 million, including $119.4 million for […]

Short Takes: Overtime on Bonuses

Could I get some clarification on whether we owe overtime on predetermined bonuses? We pay a production bonus to our assembly workers when they hit certain production levels. The bonus is not a great amount of money, but it does seem to keep production levels up. Now we’ve heard that we should somehow be paying […]

Exempt/Nonexempt: How Do We Properly Classify Our IT Workers?

I need some help with the administrative exemption as it relates to IT workers. We are a software consulting firm. Each consultant works pretty independently, managing and doing work on their own projects directly with clients. Their work is a mix of upper-level tasks (systems analysis, training, project management) and lower-level tasks (installing upgrades and […]

Meal Periods

This meal period deal is driving me nuts. The workers on our assembly line usually work 6-hour shifts. Most of the crew want to work through the meal break, and we’d like that too—more productivity. But we have a few who insist on their meal break. And we can’t run the assembly line without the […]