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℞ for Your PBM: ‘Here’s what we’re willing to pay …’

Haas, who is vice president of Wells Fargo Pharmacy Consulting, spoke to BLR about the problem of generic drug pricing. To attack the problem, Haas and his team at Wells Fargo created a unique procurement strategy. “About 4 years ago, we listed every generic drug—and there are about 2,750 of them—by their specific identifying codes. […]

Benefit Savings Available—Hold PBMs to a Higher Standard

Haas and his colleagues sought a way to get drug costs down for clients. They peered beneath the surface and didn’t like what they found. From Purely Transactional to Cost Management Pharmacy Benefits Management programs (PBMs) started out in a purely administrative role, Haas says, helping to process retail pharmacy transactions and manage prices of […]