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Engagement and Retention Crisis: 46% of Workers Feel Underpaid

We all know that unemployment has reached record lows. Employees might be wondering when they will start getting paid more, given that competition for talent should be severe. Research shows that is not happening. How do employees feel about this discrepancy? New research shows that nearly half of all employees think they are not being […]

What Would Employees Give Up for a Raise?

There are many factors that influence employee satisfaction. Obviously, one of the first to come to mind is compensation. Whether it’s a salary or bonus, you’d be hard-pressed to find an employee who wouldn’t like a little extra in his or her paycheck.

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What’s the Most Important Quality in a Dream Job?

With buzzwords like digital workplace, employee engagement, and workplace wellness being thrown around, it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes, especially now that the employee holds all of the cards. Although many employees are taking advantage of new workplace perks, with the job market in their favor, many employees are […]

Employers Cannot Afford Inadequate Perks Says Study

A recent survey conducted by Ranstad US explored what workers think about and want from benefits in the workplace. The results showed a staggering majority (94%) want assurances that their benefits will have a real impact on their quality of life. That includes benefits that address student loan debt, work/life balance, and flexibility in general.

Exploring how HR can inspire thankfulness in employees

Flexible schedules, freedom to telecommute, professional development opportunities—those are all things that foster gratitude in the workplace. And as the Thanksgiving holiday finds people across the country pondering what they’re thankful for, human resources professionals can use the occasion to consider how to make organizations the kind of workplaces employees are thankful to work for.  […]

Which comes first—the Apple or the egg?

by Mark I. Schickman Gender discrimination has been illegal for barely 50 years. Soon after the nondiscrimination law was passed, companies had to figure out how to address the gender gap and remedy the dearth of women in the workforce—especially in high-level career positions. Providing liberal leave benefits, on-site child care, women’s mentoring programs, and […]

Balancing perks and payoffs: Staying on course with employee incentives

Employers are always on the hunt for ways to attract, retain, and engage employees. They resort to a variety of perks including flexible scheduling, plenty of paid time off, and more. But employers also strive to go beyond those common incentives as they search for an innovative perk that will produce a payoff in the […]

Discovering the perks of perks: Creative little extras can bring payoffs

Tammy Binford Imagine a workplace where employees are eager, engaged, motivated, and loyal. Now think of what an employer can do to create such employees. Part of the formula will focus on rewards, recognition, and even a little fun. When considering what perks to offer employees, the sky seems to be the limit. Paid time […]