Tag: Privacy Compliance

Steps to Take Before Installing Video Surveillance at Work

Question:         We plan to install security cameras in the production area of our nonunion food packaging facility because of an increase in damaged product and safety incidents. Can we post signs at all entrances stating surveillance cameras are in use, or do we need to have each employee sign a waiver? Answer:   Generally, you may monitor […]

Employer Q&A on Disabilities, Drugs and the ADA

Can an employer legally terminate an employee who is permanently disabled and can no longer perform the essential job functions? Do Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protections apply to all employees immediately, or must they be employed with the company for a certain amount of time first? What can employers ask when it comes to […]

When is Cancer a Disability?

Is cancer considered to be a disability when it comes to ADA protections? The short answer is yes. The longer answer will depend on the specific circumstances of the employee. So, when is cancer a disability? It will be when: Cancer or its side effects substantially limits one or more of a person’s major life […]

Cancer as a Disability: The Interactive Process to Accommodation

“One of the key factors of the ADA is not only the non-discrimination component, but the requirement that an employer reasonably accommodate the individual with a disability – in this case, someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.” Jonathan R. Mook explained in a recent BLR webinar. The duty to accommodate is a very broad […]