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Seven Sins of Recruiters and Interviewers

Selecting the right people is so basic to success, yet many managers do it poorly, due to either haste or ignorance. Here are seven sins for recruiters and hiring managers to avoid.

Are You Attractive to Potential Employees?

It is quite simple. In order to attract the best employees, you must look as if you are the best company to work for. Appearance is everything. A very basic first step in managing your image is to review how you present your company, says Jasmine Rojas, BLR® legal editor.

Best Practices for Building Your Employee Talent Pool

Building a recruitment strategy that can meet the ups and downs of everyday business in a volatile economy is a tough challenge. Ironically, the high rate of unemployment does not mean that the skills, education, and experience that your company needs are readily available.

Employer FCRA Requirements

Do you conduct background checks on job applicants before officially hiring them? If you do, are you in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)? When getting started with background screening, some employers don’t realize they are required to comply with the FCRA as part of this process.

Diversity—It’s Hard to Achieve More Than Lip Service

Achieving workplace diversity isn’t easy—even for global powerhouses like Google. “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity,” Google observes in a January 2014 demographic report, which reveals that 70% of Google’s employees are male and 61% are white.

Decoding the Military for Veteran Hiring Success

By Karin A. Vernazza, SPHR, as told to Archana Mehta Three years ago, President Obama announced a challenge to the U.S. private sector — hire or train 100,000 unemployed veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013. Many companies nationwide took on that challenge and started veteran-hiring job fairs to attract military talent but […]

5 Secrets to Prioritizing Your Long-Term Staffing Needs

By Miranda Nash For most HR professionals, hiring is primarily a reactionary effort: a position opens up, and it’s time to get to work filling it. If you’re lucky, you have the luxury of a 2-week notice, a month-long notice in advance of retirement, or preplanning ahead of new department expansions or other new hiring […]