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Listen To Employee Phone Calls? Not In My State, You Don’t!

Your right to do electronic monitoring, like many other management actions, is regulated by state law as well as federal. Here’s how to know what your state allows. You’ve been tipped off by a competitor, who’s also a friend, that someone in your organization is offering her your secret information in exchange for a job […]

‘You’ve Got E-mail!’… And I’ve Got the Right to Read It

What rights do bosses have to monitor their workers’ communications, especially when sent through the new technologies? The answer (as usual) is: It depends. Warren the Worker hunches over his desk, positioning his body to block any view of his computer screen. Whenever you or other managers are near, he quickly minimizes the image, leaving […]

The HR Policy-Writing Shortcut

It’s a lot easier to have the human resources policies and procedures you need when you don’t actually have to write them. Here’s the way around having to do it. A recent Daily Advisor article bemoaned the fact that so many companies create human resources policies and procedures manuals and then never use them. “The […]

Your Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual: The Office Dust Collector?

Open your Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual for a fresh look and you may find you’ve opened up your whole organization. If you’re like most companies, chances are good your company has a human resources policies and procedures manual. Unfortunately, they’re equally good that that once-vital human resources policies and procedures manual hasn’t been […]

Acting in Good Faith: How to Deal with Religion in the Workplace

The Constitution protects the freedom to practice religion. Employers must honor this right while balancing the needs of the business. Here are some guidelines for doing both. In virtually every religion, there are significant days on the calendar that dictate religious observance. For example, next Monday, October 2, is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, […]

Keep Your Human Resources Policies from becoming HR contracts

If your Human Resources policies manual doesn’t carry the proper disclaimer, you may find yourself unable to change key HR policies unless your employees agree. Business is built on contracts. Between companies and customers. Between manufacturers and suppliers. They’re a great way of to ensure, that even if conditions change, price, delivery or whatever else […]