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Helping Employees Let Go of Perfection

While highly skilled and high-performing employees are certainly the goal for any organization, becoming overly focused on developing skills that are too high can actually be problematic. Perfectionism isn’t necessarily a good thing for your employees—or your organization.

Should You Switch to a 4-Day Work Week?

Have you seen the news articles lately touting the success of a 4-day work week for a New Zealand company? They took a test group of employees and allowed them to work four standard work days, without increasing the length of the work day and without decreasing total compensation. They found that not only were […]

Don’t Make the Mistake of Workplace Inflexibility

There are as many variations of flexible workplaces as there are workplaces. Some places allow working from home once a week, or all the time, or when earned, or not at all—for example.


Freelancer Shares Her Experience in Different Work Spaces

An increasingly competitive job market for employers and improvements in telecommunications technology have meant that working remotely has become an increasingly available and technologically feasible option for employers and employees.


Should Your Company Encourage Off-Duty Safety?

Many companies institute various policies to promote employee safety. Some of these are for legal or regulatory reasons. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many rules and regulations companies must follow to avoid fines and other penalties.

Can Allowing Remote Work Improve Productivity?

When employers consider allowing remote work or hiring freelance contractors, they often have the fear that productivity may drop as a result. They fear that allowing someone to work from home will result in more distractions. After all, the TV is there, the laundry needs to be done, the dog needs a walk, etc. They […]