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Workplace Bullying Epidemic: On-The-Job Aggression Is A Growing Problem For Employers; What To Do About It

You’ve probably encountered one sometime or another. The supervisor who resorts to name-calling when dealing with subordinates. The worker who’s quick to blame others for mistakes. The manager who penalizes employees by excluding them from important meetings, removing them from routing lists or saddling them with menial work assignments. Although these workplace bullies may not […]

Wage And Hour: Stock Option Legislation Gets Speedy Approval

President Clinton has signed into law new legislation, S. 2323, that excludes stock options from overtime pay. The bill takes effect on August 16, 2000, and is intended to counteract a recent Department of Labor opinion letter stating that stock option profits must be included in a nonexempt worker’s base pay when you calculate their […]

Disciplining Employees: New Case Points Out Why It’s Important To Have Consistent Standards Before Taking Action

One of your employees has been violating work rules. You document the problems and eventually terminate the worker. It appears you’ve done everything right and responded appropriately to the employee’s misconduct. But a new ruling makes clear that viewing each case of discipline and termination in a vacuum can get you in trouble. Even if […]

Health And Safety: Landmark Ergonomics Regulations Finally Approved; What You Need To Know

Following years of controversy and false starts, historic workplace ergonomics rules aimed at reducing repetitive motion injuries are in effect as of July 3, 1997. Certain employers whose workers have repetitive motion disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis will have to implement a specific ergonomics program to eliminate or minimize the injury risk.