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Evaluations: How Can We Encourage Honest Performance Appraisals?

I’ve been reading about how important it is from a legal standpoint to give accurate performance appraisals, and when I look over ours, I know we’re not doing that—basically everyone is “good” or “excellent,” even though managers complain about poor workers. I know we’re going to get in trouble if we fire any of these […]

Employment Law Tip: 10 Strategies to Limit Turnover

If employee turnover rates at your organization are high, it’s probably time to focus on what you can do to increase employee retention. Why? Frequent turnover can have a host of negative consequences for your company, including lost productivity, costs associated with hiring a new employee, the cost of temporary employees or overtime to cover […]

Employment Law Tip: Four Cures for Workplace Stress

Employee job stress can take a heavy toll on your business—in high turnover, frequent illness, increased workers’ comp premiums, and reduced productivity. Fortunately, there are steps employers can take to ease job stress. The solution often lies in making organizational changes that will improve working conditions. Here are four ideas:

Telecommuting: What Are the Pros and Cons?

We have a few employees who want to work from home. While their work is the type of thing that can be done from home, we’re unsure if there are any legal risks we need to watch out for. Also, we’re concerned that their productivity will suffer. Do you have any advice for us? — […]

Employment Law Tip: Keeping the Focus During the Holidays

According to the results of a new poll by Accountemps, most employees get distracted and are less productive during the holiday season. The poll included responses from HR, finance, and marketing executives at the country’s 1,000 largest companies. Forty-four percent of executives polled said their employees are less productive the week before a major holiday, […]

Employee Dating: Is There a Way to Control Employee Relationships?

We have an issue around employee dating. We tried a no-dating policy, but we can’t seem to put any teeth into it. When we confront two employees we think are dating, they say, “Hey, we’re not dating—a few of us like to get together after work for drinks.” And another couple wouldn’t answer because “It’s […]