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Ask the Expert: Rules for Sending a Sick Employee Home

If an employee comes to work sick (as in the flu, fever, vomiting, etc.), do we have the right to send that employee home and make them use their Paid Time Off (PTO)? Or are we obligated to paying a sick employee if we decide to send them home?


4 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s HR Communications

From paid time off (PTO) requests to performance reviews, most HR professionals understand that communicating with employees can be challenging. You need to collect a wealth of information from your workforce—which often requires tracking down individuals and sending countless reminders—but you also need to avoid over-communicating so they aren’t bogged down under a flood of emails from HR.


Paid time off: Not always as simple as it sounds

Marking up that 2017 calendar to note important dates and deadlines? Here’s one to note in red—January 31 is National Plan for Vacation Day, a day the people behind an initiative called “Project: Time Off” have set as a day to encourage hardworking and devoted employees to plan some rest and relaxation.  The travel-related industries […]


Employees Want More PTO, But Unlikely to Use It for Summer Vacations

According to a recent survey released by Namely, attitudes toward summer vacation are shifting under the demands of the modern workplace and growing Millennial influence. While employees are willing to make big sacrifices for more paid time off (PTO), they are unlikely to use it and look for employers to support time off in different […]


Ask the Expert: Can We Require PTO Use during Short Term Disability Leave?

Question:I am looking for best practices on requiring or not requiring use of PTO in our Short Term Disability leave policies. Answer: When employees are injured or disabled or become ill on the job, they may be entitled to medical and/or disability-related leave under two federal laws: the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the […]


Potential PTO Pitfalls

Does your organization use a (paid time off) PTO bank instead of having separate vacation and sick days? It’s becoming increasingly popular for ease of administration alone. But using PTO is not without its own problems, especially if not implemented well.