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High school diploma or college degree? What’s really necessary?

What do billionaires Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and David Geffen have in common besides having achieved extraordinary success in business? The answer to that question for some employers is: They’re unemployable. None of those business greats earned a bachelor’s degree.  The value of a college degree is often debated among employers, but many now are […]

How Do Job Descriptions Relate to the ADA?

Effective job descriptions are important. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is important. But how are the two tied together? Does the ADA place specific requirements on job description contents? The technical answer to that question is no, the ADA does not impose specific requirements on the job description. But the longer answer […]

‘Steering’ Is 2014’s New Twist on Discrimination

HR’s watchdog agencies—the DOL, EEOC, and OFCCP—are looking at a new variant on discrimination they call “steering.” It’s not immediate discrimination, but long-range discrimination. What Is Steering? “Steering” may be charged when people in a protected class are “steered” to jobs with lower long-term potential than other similar jobs. For example, in a grocery store, […]

Group Job Interview Turns into Dance Audition

The group interview at the Cardiff, the Wales branch of a U.K. electronics chain, turned from a discussion of qualifications for the job into a dance audition, and the applicants weren’t jumping for joy about it. To show they could think on their feet, applicants were asked to come up with an impromptu routine to […]

“I Want To See My File”

Being an employer in California comes with all sorts of headaches. And one that probably makes you reach for the ibuprofen at least as often as any other – if not more – is the recordkeeping headache. Plus, as if the seemingly nonstop paperwork and report filing aren’t enough, sometimes you have to deal with […]

Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Different types of interviews have different goals. The traditional interview seeks a broad knowledge of the candidate’s qualifications, while the behavioral interview looks at how he or she has performed on the job. There’s even a situational interview that presents scenarios that might be faced on the new job and asks how the candidate would […]