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Generational Differences at Work Abroad

Yesterday, we got some interesting insights from Jacque Vilet, president of international consulting firm Vilet International, on workplace compensation issues outside the United States. Today, her take on intergenerational differences at work—and some words of wisdom if you’re thinking about launching an overseas location.

Critical Success Factors for Variable Pay Programs

Yesterday, we explored the factors behind the rise of comprehensive variable pay programs—and the types of cost savings you can expect. Today, John A. Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services explains who (and what) can make the difference between variable pay success and failure.

Perks More Cost-Effective than Pay Raises for Tech Workers

For many employers, he says, perks and benefits—from healthcare to club membership to financial advising to concierge service— offer the greatest room for growth and the most flexibility for use as retention tools in 2012. The primary reason? They’re much more cost effective than straight-up pay raises, Wudyka says. Wudyka is the founder and managing […]

Can Companies Really Link Pay with Performance?

Parikh, who is director of product marketing at compensation software development company Callidus (www.calliduscloud.com), recently spoke to BLR on pay for performance. BLR: How well do companies really link pay with performance? Parikh: Companies basically end up spending about 8-10% of their gross revenue on variable compensation. That could be a very large amount of […]