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Do Beets Have Leaves, and Other Thoughts on Works for Hire

Say what you will about Elon Musk, but the man doesn’t shrink from a challenge. He’s an uber-ambitious serial entrepreneur who’s pushed to market fully electric sports cars, commercialized space travel, and a host of other ideas. However, Fox Business reported that he may have picked a fight last week with one person no one […]

Conspiracy theory

Potential Liability: Angela and Trevor are going to jail. Dwight too? Not even Rainn Wilson’s recent video could keep us from watching this week’s episode, “The Target,” which featured a murder-for-hire plot, a giant comment-card pyramid, and Dwight’s pixelated genitalia. Yikes, indeed. Angela has discovered that her husband, The Senator, is having an affair with Oscar. She does not react well and […]

Behind the Scenes

With The Office closed (i.e., not airing a new episode) when it became this blogger’s turn to write again, he found himself with a dearth of fresh material.  So, instead of quantifying hypothetical litigation value, this post will tie up a loose end from his last entry in October, when he cryptically referred to “where […]