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Looking Beyond Skill Shortcomings

The concept of “hire for attitude, train for skill” might require a closer look. Certainly giving special attention to attitude seems reasonable, but you might want to think twice before you discount skills.

Enticing Job Candidates to Relocate

A previous Recruiting Daily Advisor article looks at how U.S. states are getting into the recruiting business by promoting affordability and quality of life in an attempt to attract job candidates.

When Résumés Include Hobbies

There’s ongoing debate among career advisors and résumé writers about whether to include hobbies on a résumé—and perhaps surprisingly, just as many appear to be for as against.


Sign-On Bonuses Get Serious

An earlier Recruiting Daily Advisor article cites research from nonprofit Human Resources association WorldatWork, which finds the number of companies using sign-on bonus programs stands at a 15-year high.

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Define ‘Other Duties’ in Your Job Postings

Job postings sometimes include what might be called a disclaimer, intended to let job seekers know that the tasks and responsibilities listed are not the only ones applicable to the position.