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HI, I’m ‘Caitlyn’ (Yesterday, I Was Bruce)

Online recruiting sounds easy, but it’s also easy to spin your wheels. In today’s Advisor, expert Chris Peterson offers practical tips for defying the odds and getting great results. With all the things recruiters have to worry about, here’s another: how to treat transgender applicants. The situation is suddenly front and center after the star […]

Alliance Management—Tour of Duty Template

In yesterday’s Advisor, Ben Casnocha, entrepreneur and cofounder of LinkedIn, shared his new vision for the employer/employee relationship: alliances for tours of duty. Today, a template for a tour of duty.

Alliances—the New Paradigm for Employees and Employers

Today, there’s a fundamental disconnect for employers and employees, says Ben Casnocha, entrepreneur and cofounder of LinkedIn. The old company-as-family approach is gone (if it ever existed), but you can’t build a lasting, innovative business when employees act like free agents. Where’s the middle ground?

CareerBuilder Notes Major Changes in Jobs Composition Since 2001

Demographic shifts in the United States over the past 14 years have led to a significantly different workforce, according to a special report from CareerBuilder. Men are in a wider array of career fields; the number of occupations heavily represented by workers 55 and older has more than doubled; and in each of the 50 […]

Finding, Hiring Top Tech Talent Leading Concern for Management Says Survey

From President Obama’s State of the Union address to the Consumer Electronics Show, cybersecurity and emerging technology continue to be headline news. However, behind the scenes, the tech sector is persistently challenged by the need to hire and retain the best talent. According to the just-released Harris Allied 2014 Tech Hiring and Retention Survey conducted […]