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RecruitCon 2018 Speaker Explains How to Add the ‘Wow Factor’ to Your Job Posts

In a recent episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout, offers advice on how to add the “Wow Factor” to all your posts. A workplace storyteller and design researcher, Valentine spends her days leading the team at Skill Scout to bring jobs to life on video.

7 Ways a Video Content Management System Can Benefit Your Business Beyond Marketing

Everyone in the marketing industry is plenty willing to extol the virtues of video. It’s not done without merit; research has shown that video content distributed through social media platforms generates, on average, 1,200% more shares on accounts than text and images combined. A further study by Aberdeen outlines the importance that video plays in […]


RecruitCon Recap: Attracting Candidates Who Aren’t Looking for You

Candidates you are looking for are not looking for you, reminds Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer of Digi-Me at the RecruitCon 2018 session: Social Media and Mobile Recruiting: New Trends Every Employer Should be Leveraging. So how do you get the candidate you’re looking for to find you?

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#RecruitCon2018 Social Media Recap

RecruitCon 2018 has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops! This article takes a look back at the top Tweets from RecruitCon 2018. Major recurring themes from this year’s event include: video job descriptions, candidate experience, social media recruiting, and much more!