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Drug Use in the Workplace at 12-Year High

A recent analysis by Quest Diagnostics shows that workplace drug use is higher than it has been in 12 years. What does that mean for recruiting? Let’s find out.

Save $17,000 Every Time You Run a Background Check

Have you ever thought about why companies take so long to decide which candidate to hire for a position? Well, background checks are a key part of that process, and studies show they are worth it.

What we learned: talent placement lessons from UT football and U.S. Ryder Cup team

Sports are about players making plays. Coaches and managers can break down film, scheme, and motivate all they want. But, when the game is on the line, execution is all that matters. As the ole ball coach said, “It’s not about the X’s and O’s, it’s about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s.” This truth was on […]

Yes, I Have Three Degrees (Heh, Heh)

It can be hard to tell a real degree from a diploma mill degree, says expert Jason Morris. All recruiters should beware. Morris, who is president of EmployeeScreenIQ in Cleveland, Ohio, started his discussion of background checking with a review of his degrees. His résumé lists three, a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State, a […]