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Criminal Background Checks: A Matter of Risk, Reputation, and Requirements for Employers

The process of commissioning a pre-employment criminal background search has tripped up many an employer, and for good reason. Criminal background checks can include many data points—arrest records, conviction orders, sentencing, appeals, inmate records and activities logged in sex offender or state abuse registries to name a few—stored in a wide array of locations ranging […]


Does your organization suffer from ‘hiring snooze’?

by Samuel D. Kerr We’ve all heard the common saying “You snooze, you lose.” Put another way, if you don’t pay attention and do something right away, someone else will do it before you can and enjoy the benefit. Taking too long to complete the hiring process can have the same effect.  Laws that may […]


Silicon Valley sex discrimination case shows the real win is not getting sued

by Mark I. Schickman For the past month, the most interesting show in San Francisco has been the trial of Ellen Pao’s sexual harassment and sex discrimination case against investment firm Kleiner Perkins. Pao, who engaged in a sexual relationship with a Kleiner Perkins partner early in her career, claims that the firm is a […]


Patriots scandal shows it takes only one bad action to put integrity on the line

by Dan Oswald Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And right now, the smoke is billowing out of New England. That’s because, once again, the New England Patriots are embroiled in controversy over alleged cheating. If you haven’t heard about “deflate-gate,” you haven’t been watching the news. The day after the Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts […]