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What is Turnover Contagion?

The term “turnover contagion” evokes two distinctly fearful concepts, at least from the perspective of employers: pandemics and retention challenges; and the link this term creates is fairly apt. Employees have been leaving their jobs in increasing numbers, even posting about the joys of quitting live on social media. Employees on the Move “Quitting has […]

HR Query: Skills Gap or Waning Interest? Why Tech Leaders Can’t Find Talent (Part I)

Although thousands of tech workers have been laid off in the last few months, tech leaders are having difficulty attracting top talent. According to a new LinkedIn survey, as a career, the tech sector isn’t as attractive as it once was. While unemployment is at its lowest level in decades, there are still more than […]

Dealing with Layoffs: How Outsourcing Can Support HR Teams and Small Businesses in a Recession

As businesses brace for the likely recession, HR teams have additional responsibilities. For many small to medium businesses, the economic downturn means layoffs will inevitably come into play. For HR teams, layoffs require additional responsibility and work and can be incredibly stressful for the entire team. To ensure business productivity continues despite the layoffs, HR […]

4 Ways to Retain Employees During an Economic Downturn

Talent management professionals have navigated 3 years of upheaval. From the sudden onset of hybrid and remote working models to major fluctuations in the labor market and the current global economic uncertainty, change has been the only constant. In addition to these challenges, there remains the enduring conundrum: how best to support, engage, and retain […]

5 HR Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2023

Although the labor market is tight and employees are becoming more selective about how and where they work, workers have had an extremely difficult few years. From the immediate transition to remote work (along with countless other disruptions caused by the pandemic) to a global economic crisis, employees have faced a series of shocks that […]

4 Ways to Limit Employee Turnover and Improve Retention

Employment numbers have been volatile over the past several years. While the pandemic shook up the employment picture, it appears that, for now, the unemployment rate has stabilized and is at the lowest rate the country has seen in years. However, employers with an hourly workforce, particularly in industries like health care, transportation, and food, […]

Addressing the Quiet Firing Trend

While the term “quiet firing” may be new—and chatter around the trend increases—the practice is an age-old tactic used to force an employee to eventually quit. A recent LinkedIn News poll with over 20,000 respondents revealed 48% of employees had seen quiet firing in the workplace, and 35% have faced it during their careers. With the rise […]

Leveraging Learning Pathways in Your L&D Program

In a previous post, we discussed the concept of learning pathways and sequential activities, often coming from multiple sources used to develop skills and behaviors. Learning pathways can be far more effective than a jumble of one-off training sessions due to the ability to create structure, organization, continuity, and escalating difficulty in the material within […]

Companies Continue Increasing L&D Spending

With wage pressures pushing employee compensation demands higher and inflation and supply chain issues further straining employer finances, one might expect that budgets for learning and development would shrink or even be put on hold while the storms pass.