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What’s Better than Cash Compensation? Almost Anything!

By Bryan Van Noy Yesterday we heard from cofounder of Sonic Boom Wellness, Bryan Van Noy, about some of the major reasons cash compensation isn’t cutting it these days. Today we’ll hear a bit more about that, plus some basic alternative ideas. Cash Compensation Is Coercive and Manipulative For employers hoping to change employee health […]


Forget About Cash Compensation?

By Bryan Van Noy Whenever your company is thinking about giving out some additional compensation, it seems so easy to go with cash. But Bryan Van Noy, a compensation expert and cofounder of Sonic Boom Wellness, says that cash compensation lacks what really matters about compensation: staying power, not to mention originality. When it comes […]


Best Practices: Burns & McDonnell Earns High Rankings from Millennial Employees for Rewards, Culture, Challenges

Burns & McDonnell earned the number 14 spot on Fortune’s inaugural ‘100 Best Workplaces for Millennials’ list, earning a 96% ranking or above for great challenges, atmosphere, rewards, pride, communication, and bosses. The rankings were the result of a survey of nearly 90,000 Millennials by Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine. The survey shows […]


Do Your Workers Expect to Be Fired in the Next 12 Months?

In Yesterday’s Advisor we discovered that the majority of American workers would choose better perks and benefits over better pay. Today we’ll discuss how they feel about salary expectations and job security. Where Do You See Your Salary in 1 Year? Glassdoor® asked its participants if they expected a pay raise or a cost of […]