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Clean slate: Purchaser not bound by poor WCB record of company it acquired

by Hannah Roskey When contemplating acquiring the assets of a company in Canada, the purchaser will engage in extensive due diligence to ensure it is making a sound investment. These searches almost always include inquiries with the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) in the relevant province. A poor result, with outstanding claims and high premiums, might […]

4 Essential Components of Workplace Violence Programs

In yesterday’s Advisor, consultant Dick Sem, CPP CSC, covered warning signs of impending violence; today, the essential components of a workplace violence (WPV) program plus an introduction to the all-things-HR-in-one-place website, HR.BLR.com®. The Four Essential Components of a WPV Program #1. Prevention—the most effective and powerful way to avoid violence Put policies, plans, and procedures […]