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Tips for Managing Discharge Risks

Employment decisions can be difficult. Which applicant do we hire? Should we grant this employee’s request for leave? What type of discipline do we impose on a particular worker? Each decision carries varying degrees of risk. One of the riskiest decisions you’ll face will be whether to discharge a particular employee. Before making the decision, […]

Surveillance and Secrets—Managing Social Media Risks

[Go here for S’s 1 and 2] S #3. Surveillance or “Snooping” What’s the Risk? When you monitor employee’s social media activity, you run two risks, says Yip: Damage to morale. The company may call it surveillance, but the employees will view it as snooping, and they won’t like it. The vast majority of employees […]

Four S’s of Social Media Risk

The 4 S’s of Social Media Risk Yip, who is litigation partner at the Honolulu office of law firm Cades Schutte LLP, offered his four S’s at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas. S #1. Searches What’s the Risk? The biggest risk in searches is that you might learn information that […]