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Addressing the Job-Stealing Robot Narrative

The concern that machines and robots will make certain jobs obsolete and leave countless workers without a job has been prevalent for years, dating back at least to the Industrial Revolution. While there have been jobs lost to automation, technology, and robotics, this doesn’t tell the whole story, and the real dynamic is more complex. […]


Robotic Process Automation

Automation and technology have been hugely important in generating efficiencies and, therefore, profitability in businesses for centuries. From the steam engine to the assembly line to robotics, automating tasks traditionally performed by humans can often lead to advantages in quality, consistency, and speed. But automation may not always be the answer!


Career Mobility and the Constellation Concept

It’s hard to find a hotter topic among business and HR leaders than the “future of work.” The uncertainty surrounding the full impact of cognitive technologies, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning has many speculating about the impact on workers, given the opportunity for replacement.