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Let’s Get It On…

Litigation Value: none now, but plenty in the making. Studio 54 was a nightclub in New York City with infamously loose rules related to sexual expression. Rumor has it that back-room rendezvous were the norm. Sabre/Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office may be trying to give the club a run for its money. Dwight Schrute reminded us that […]

Cheap Labor

Litigation Value: Class action by day-laborers hired by Dwight = $500,000; penalties for violations of the Immigration Reform and Control Act = $50,000. [Tonight’s entry was authored by Josh Drexler, whom you’ll be hearing more from in the coming year.] While watching last night’s two repeat episodes, I noticed that Dwight Schrute potentially exposed Sabre/Dunder […]