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Do Your Supervisors and Mangers Know How to Resolve Conflicts?

In today’s Advisor, we’re going to examine conflict resolution and why it’s so important for your personnel to be trained in this invaluable management skill. When supervisors and managers know how to resolve workplace conflicts effectively, they can save time and turn potentially destructive situations into positive, productive opportunities for growth and development within their […]


Do Your Employees Need Ethics Training?

Certainly, supervisors and managers need to understand your company’s ethics policy and the importance of enforcing it. Train them on your policy, as well as the need to observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in the workplace.

Get Your Safety Committees Committed!

Does this scenario look uncomfortably familiar? If so, here are several actions you can take to get your safety committee excited, involved—and committed—to complementing and strengthening workplace safety and training. Safety Planning If you don’t already have a safety program, or you have one but need to update it, you can use your safety committee […]

12 Tips to Engage Employees in Safety Training

Hold formal safety meetings on a regular basis. Supplement those meetings with brief, informal sessions. Keep meetings to a reasonable length. Plan well in advance and have an agenda for each meeting. Make sure you have full management support for training efforts. Bring in managers from other parts of the facility and outside experts to […]

Variety of Techniques Gives New Spin to Refresher Safety Training

Varying your techniques during refresher training will keep learners engaged. Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this: Do a demonstration (e.g., demonstrate the effectiveness of a steel-toed shoe by dropping a weight on it). Incorporate real-life accident or near-miss stories. Have learners pair off and do an activity, such as a joint […]


Litigation value: Nothing in this episode, but Dwight is perilously close to civil and criminal liability for his computer activities. Jaclyn West wrote about this episode, Doomsday, two months ago when it originally aired. Her post discussed “motivation” and the inevitable sexual harassment of warehouse Val, either at the hands of Gabe or Darryl. Dwight’s […]

Overcoming Language, Hearing Obstacles for Safety’s Sake

By Jason Bohanan Communicating with employees is essential to the health of any business. Daily communication between management, supervisors, and front-line employees helps keep every aspect of the business running, from planning meetings to ensuring everyday assignments are completed. Unfortunately, no method of communication is perfect. Communication breakdowns, such as lost memos and unchecked voicemails, […]