‘I Can’t Live on What You’re Paying Me’ Conversations

Today’s tips are again from a recent BLR webinar featuring Teresa Murphy and David Wudyka. Murphy is the principal consultant for HR Partner Advantage, an HR advisory firm based in Raleigh, N.C. Wudyka, SPHR, MBA, BSIE, is the founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Massachusetts-based human resource and compensation firm. Complaint:  “I can’t […]

Promotions, Execution, and Carve-Outs Under Big Bang Theory

Hellerman and Kochanski, who are Sr. Vice Presidents at Sibson Consulting, offered their tips at WorldatWork’s Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition, held recently in San Diego. Promotions as Performance Reward Big Bang Companies manage promotions and the accompanying promotional increase as a key reward for high performance, says Hellerman. Sameness Big Bang Promotion is an […]

Is My Local Salary Survey an Anti-Trust Violation?

If I call colleagues in other companies to see what they are paying, am I creating a Sherman Anti-Trust Act violation? It’s likely, but there are safe harbor provisions, says Bottos, Vice President of Compensation at data provider Kenexa. Her suggestions came at a recent webinar sponsored by the company. What’s the Practice in the […]

Get Analytical to Manage Comp Says Combearsation Manager

Compbearsation Manager? Tanis is Manager, Compbearsation and HRIS for Build-a-Bear Workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri. His “Top 9” came at the recent SHRM Annual Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas. [Go here for tips 1 to 5.] 6. Get Analytical Identify the indicators and drivers you’ll use to analyze your department’s work, Tanis says.   […]

The 5 Key Comp Trends for 2011

Wudyka, who is founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Wrentham, MA based, full-service HR and compensation consultancy, forecast the following trends at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. 1. Fewer Salary Freezes The number of employers freezing salaries continues to decline: 32 percent froze salaries in 2009. 12 percent did so in 2010. […]

Make Smart Post-Recession, Performance-Based, Pay Decisions

How can you make smart decisions on pay budgets, merit budgets, and overall compensation given the economic turmoil of the last few years? Consultant David Wudyka tells us what’s going on and what we can do about it. Wudyka is founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Wrentham, MA based, full-service HR and compensation […]

Sales Comp challenge — Taming the End-of-Period Push

[Go here for sticky wickets #1-#3.] The problem: Sales peak at the end of each period. Sales Comp Impact: Sales personnel wait for period end push Order management and fulfillment are unduly taxed Margins evaporate Customers may be lost Source of the Problem: The problem results from two primary factors: Period end order push by […]

Salary Cuts Made Whole by Year’s End Thanks to Teamwork, Renewed Resolve

For Root Learning, 2008 was one of its best years on record. The Sylvania, Ohio-based company was able to pay off its debt and award debt-retirement bonuses to its approximately 100 employees. However, the celebration was short-lived. With the downturn in the economy, sales dropped 30 percent during the first quarter of 2009, leaving company […]

Microsoft to Boost Cash Compensation

Microsoft has announced plans to shift stock awards into the base salaries for its most valuable workers, proving more cash up front, says Bloomberg. This comes amid news of increasingly competitive compensation practices in the technology sector, with Google, Twitter, and and Facebook camps looking to attract…and keep the best engineers and computer scientists. Some […]