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Affirmative Action: New Record Retention And Audit Rules For Federal Contractors

Despite the passage of California’s Proposition 209, affirmative action is alive and well if you sell goods or services to the federal government. In fact, the Office of Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), which enforces the affirmative action rules that cover government contractors, recently revised its regulations. Here are the highlights.

Domestic Partner Benefits: More Insurance Available, But Warn Employees About Risks Before They Sign Up

Although health benefits for employees’ domestic partners are becoming more common, many small to mid-sized employers have had trouble finding an insurance company willing to provide the coverage. Several new developments, though, may make it easier for you to extend these benefits to your workers. But there could also be a serious downside for employees […]

Arbitrating Employment Claims: Court Strikes Down Arbitration Clause; Important Details You Should Never Leave Out

Agreements to arbitrate employment disputes are more popular than ever with employers because they can help avoid expensive and risky litigation. They are also controversial because some believe it’s unfair to require employees to agree in advance to submit employment claims to arbitration, giving up the right to a jury trial and potentially huge damages. […]

Religion in the Workplace: Court Strikes Down Ban on Religious Advocacy; What You Can Do

The federal appeals court that covers California recently ruled that a public employer violated employees’ free speech rights when it banned religious discussion and materials in the workplace. The decision highlights the need for public and private employers alike to exercise care in adopting policies that restrict employees’ religious activities at work. Join us this […]

Drug Testing: High Court Rules on Testing in the Workplace; Law Still Unclear

Drug testing has long been a murky area for employers. Now the California Supreme Court has just issued its first decision that sheds some light on the issues and makes a sharp distinction between drug testing applicants and testing existing employees. However, although the case has important implications, it isn’t the sweeping clarification employers had […]

News Notes: Supervisor Who Fails To Report Harassment Not Liable; Potential Problems For Employers

Several recent cases have held that individual supervisors can be personally forced to pay damages for violating California’s tough sexual harassment laws. But what if a supervisor simply fails to take action to prevent harassment or doesn’t report it to senior management? The California Court of Appeal recently ruled that supervisors aren’t personally liable unless […]

Alcoholic Employees: Ruling Makes It Easier to Fire Workers Who Relapse

In the first California court decision addressing your obligation to accommodate alcoholic employees, a court has given employers more leeway to terminate workers who continue to drink after unsuccessful efforts at rehabilitation. Here’s what the new case means for your employment practices.