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California Cracks Down on Workers’ Compensation Provider Fraud

California’s Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has made multiple attempts to reduce workers’ compensation costs to employers and to improve compensation paid to workers. One persistent obstacle to cost containment is fraud, and the DIR has poured considerable resources into combating fraudulent worker claims, premium fraud, and most recently, provider fraud. In January, the DIR […]

Provider Fraud, Treatment Delays Targeted in New California Workers’ Comp Laws

In California, a worker can seek treatment for a work-related illness or injury that’s expected to be covered under the employer’s workers’ compensation policy. To be paid for services performed for claims that aren’t yet finalized, the healthcare provider can file a lien (a claim for payment) against the employee’s workers’ compensation benefits claim. Unfortunately, […]

California DIR Has Released the 2015 Legislative Digest

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has summarized both new laws and bills vetoed in the past year that are relevant to DIR and its divisions, which carry strong implications for HR compliance. Most of the chaptered bills were slated to take effect on January 1, so if you haven’t caught up yet, now’s […]

Meal Period Waivers Are Back in Effect for California Healthcare

You may remember that back in the spring, a California Court of Appeal decision found that employees may not waive their second meal period during shifts longer than 12 hours, drastically affecting meal period policies throughout the Golden State’s healthcare industry. However, a new bill is bringing the waivers back.

California workers’ compensation reform: SB 863 brings permanent disability changes

Previous workers’ compensation laws in California created a situation where the costs associated with providing medical treatment and benefits to injured workers and administering workers’ compensation claims had begun to rise significantly. If costs were permitted to continue to rise, employers would be faced with increases in their workers’ compensation insurance rates, which would add […]

Workers’ compensation reform: Independent medical review

Independent medical review (IMR) is the largest change in California’s SB 863, which has been widely lauded as a “new and improved” workers’ compensation reform package. The new law addresses problems that arose out of the 2004 reforms by minimizing delays in medical treatment and improving access to care.

Background checks for employment: How California laws differ

Conducting background checks for employment requires employers to strike a balance between getting enough information to make an informed hiring decision and not overstepping the boundaries into areas that might infringe upon employee privacy. Additionally, as with many other employment laws, California has specific rules that are stricter than the federal regulations—California employers need to […]