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Examples of Human Capital Reporting

Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research, offered his tips at a recent BLR® webinar sponsored by Halogen Software. He was joined by Halogen’s Director of Marketing Communications Connie Costigan.

Failure to Pay Correctly—#6 on the List of Lawsuit Magnets

[Go here for failures 1 to 5.] 6. Failure to Pay Correctly Yes, it’s the pay thing. Zandy’s danger zones are: Misclassification (exempt vs. nonexempt) Timesheets (in & out) Meetings (mandatory and unpaid?) Off-the-clock (off-duty helping on-duty) Travel Bonuses (discretionary vs. nondiscretionary) The good news is plaintiffs’ lawyers are unlikely to take a case if […]

The 10 Most Costly Management Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

“It’s a case of perception vs. reality. The plaintiff perceives he (she) was disciplined, retaliated against, and harassed.  The reality is different. He (she) was terminated for a legitimate, non-discriminatory, non-retaliatory reason by a professional, well-trained manager with supportive documentation.” Jurors are never on the side of the employers, says Zandy, who is with the […]

Your Manager’s Worst Sin—Envy, Greed, or Sloth?

[Go here for sins 1 to 4 and a bonus sin] Sin 5. Envy Envy makes managers do things that aren’t appropriate for the company. For example: Gaming the compensation system. For example, giving a higher-than-deserved performance rating in order to award a higher raise to an average employee who is high in the range. […]

How Many of the 7 Deadly Sins Are Your Managers and Supervisors Committing—Right Now?

Sin 1. Lust Sexual harassment continues to be a problem in the workplace. And it’s often worse when it’s a manager and a subordinate. Perhaps the most difficult challenge in training managers and supervisors about harassment is getting across the idea that what matters is the attitude of the receiver of the harassment, not the […]

But, Jerk, Lazy, I Don’t Have Time, and OK Are Not OK

Go here for numbers 1 to 6 of Price’s phrases to avoid. Price (www.wellsaid.com) is the author of the book Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results. 7. AVOID: “… don’t you think?” and “… isn’t it?” and “… OK?” To convey a confident, commanding presence, eliminate validation questions. Make your statement or recommendation […]

10 Phrases That Undermine Your Success

To successfully communicate, says Price (www.wellsaid.com), you have to learn to present yourself and your message effectively. You’ve got to know your audience members and tailor your content to meet their needs. And you’ve got to be sincere, natural, enthusiastic and passionate, maintain good eye contact, and be calm and polite. AND you need to […]

Friending, Unfriending, and Linking In on Social Media

Casual References Casual references on LinkedIn or other professional social media sites pose legal risks: Defamation (if they are negative and untrue). Misrepresentation (if they are positive and untrue). Evidence of pretext in an EEO claim (if you terminate for poor performance but you’ve written a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn). Segal’s recommendation: Make clear to […]