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How to Encourage Employees to Get More Sleep

We’ve all been there: trying to get one more thing done on the to-do list before going to sleep … or two more things … or two more episodes of that show we’ve been binge-watching. Or, maybe we’re struggling to stop thinking about the day and the to-do list long enough to relax. Any way […]


Sleep Deprivation a Serious Problem for Organizations, Says Study

Sleep deprivation often conjures images of every day people simply staying up late watching TV, playing video games, or just vegging out on the internet. But what you might not know is that work related stress heavily contributes to a loss of sleep. That lack of sleep then contributes to workplace stress. The cycle is […]


Why You Should Ensure Your Employers Are Getting Enough Sleep

Research shows that two-thirds of adults sleep below the recommended 7–8 hours per night, losing 41 minutes of sleep, on average, per weeknight[i]. Often, this can be because of the burden of overworking or general job-related worries, and when the weekend arrives, workers are 5 hours behind the amount of sleep needed in order to […]

Sleep deprivation: Know whether it’s a performance problem or a disability

Employers striving for a diverse workforce take care not to discriminate against employees with a disability, but hidden disabilities can be tricky. Supervisors might think they’re dealing with performance problems when they really should be considering whether an employee has a disability protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).