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Background Checks: $1.1 Million Verdict For Failing To Confirm Applicant’s Identity; 5 Red Flags That Were Ignored

Manor Park nursing home in Texas hired Clifton Orphy as a janitor. The trouble was Orphy was using a different name and a fictitious date of birth and Social Security number. Consequently, Manor Park discovered that the person it hired had five prior felonies on his record only after he had raped an 84-year-old nursing […]

Disabled Workers: High Court Says Employees Can Make Inconsistent Statements About Disabilities; Impact On Employers

Can workers who swear to be totally disabled on an application for Social Security benefits turn around and sue you under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), contending they’re qualified to work despite their disability claim? Two recent court decisions – one from the United States Supreme Court and the other involving a Northern California […]

Retirement Benefits: 10-Point Calculation Checklist To Avoid Disputes

Over the past few years, pension benefits have come under increased scrutiny by employee advocates who claim benefits are often miscomputed and thus underpaid. If you’re targeted and it turns out you under-calculated retirees’ benefits, you might be surprised to find you owe a lot more money than you set aside. In response to the […]