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Recruiting on LinkedIn, the ‘Official’ Workplace Social Media Hub

Recruiting on LinkedIn yet? As of May 2014, the site claims to have over 300 million members worldwide exchanging information, referrals, recommendations, ideas, and opportunities, so there’s no denying it’s a force to be reckoned with—and a key tool in your recruiting toolbox.

Recruiting Tools 2015: Twitter and Facebook?

While the fundamentals of sourcing remain timeless—attracting the notice of great candidates and encouraging them to get in touch with your organization—there are now more ways than ever to go about it. Is Twitter one of them? Facebook?

From Dull Job Description to Attractive Posting

Yesterday’s Advisor covered Recruiting Sin #1—Hiring before you know what you need. Today, how to take your understanding of the job and turn it into a posting that will attract great candidates and turn away undesirable ones.

Do You Actively Recruit Passive Candidates?

As the unemployment rate inches further downward and positions are taking longer to fill, many employers are looking for new and innovative ways to reach the best talent. One option that is increasing in popularity is searching for passive candidates—individuals who may not be directly looking for a new job, but who would be open […]