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Did You Know: The DOL Audits Health Plans

Employers always try to stay in compliance with applicable regulations, and most of us try very hard to ensure we’re doing everything right. That’s why the word “audit” can be so fear-inducing: An audit seeks to uncover any missteps—something no one wants.

The Key Elements of a Profit-Sharing Plan

Yesterday, John Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services explained some of the background on profit-sharing plans, the 3 steps to establishing a deferred plan, and 4 of the steps involved in executing it. Today, we present the remaining 5 execution steps.

401(k) Disclosures: How to Answer Employee Questions

Preparing Staff to Handle Questions/Concerns Preparing staff to handle participant questions and concerns is of paramount importance because ineffective answers can lead to mistrust, morale issues, and compliance scrutiny. It may even lead to legal challenges under ERISA. To avoid these problems, prepare supervisors and staff. Invite your investment advisor or a representative of the […]