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Despite Election, Global Financial Crisis, Everything Stable for Employers in Canada

by Brian Smeenk Employers with operations in Canada may well ask: “What’s going on up there? What will Canada’s federal election mean for business? How is the world financial crisis playing out there?” It would appear that the most accurate answer to these questions, at this time at least, would be a typically understated Canadian […]

Will the U.S economy affect business, workers in Canada?

by Brian Smeenk Wall Street has seldom been in such disarray. There are bank and insurance company failures the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1929. The credit markets have been in disarray for months. The federal government rescue packages will significantly affect the deficit. Many are predicting a recession in the USA. How […]

Health and Safety Legislative and Regulatory Responses

by Daniel Pugen McCarthy Tetrault Workplace violence has become a hot topic among labor, employment, and health and safety regulators in Canada. Of course, workplace violence is hardly a new phenomenon. Certain workers like police officers have an inherent risk of workplace violence. Also, put enough people in an enclosed area under stressful conditions (i.e., […]