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Was Attendance an Essential Job Function for AT&T Customer Service Rep?

An AT&T customer service representative (CSR) recently filed a lawsuit against her employer citing disability discrimination, but the employer, citing attendance as an essential job function of her position, claimed she was terminated for her frequent absences. Was the employee discriminated against? The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee—has the answer.

Ask the Expert: Can We Require PTO Use during Short Term Disability Leave?

Question:I am looking for best practices on requiring or not requiring use of PTO in our Short Term Disability leave policies. Answer: When employees are injured or disabled or become ill on the job, they may be entitled to medical and/or disability-related leave under two federal laws: the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the […]

The 2015 Employee Leave Survey Results Are In!

The results of our 2015 Employee Leave Survey are in and reveal that 99.4% of participants offer some form of time off to employees (marginally up from 98.9% in 2014). Here are a few more highlights of the survey: Paid time off (PTO) is available to 96.6% of those responding to our survey. Paid sick […]