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Recent B.C. decision on secondary picketing at non-striking facility

by David T. McDonald About 15 years ago, the Supreme Court of Canada changed the law on secondary picketing in Canada. That decision, RWDSU Local 558 v. Pepsi-Cola Canada Beverages (West) Ltd., 2002 SCC 8, ruled that secondary picketing was generally lawful unless accompanied by wrongful conduct such as violence or blockading. This meant that […]


Chicago teachers striking over evaluation system, recall pool

by Brian J. Kurtz It is Thursday, day four of the Chicago Teachers Union’s strike against the Chicago public school system. All over the city, many of the 30,000 union-represented teachers and counselors are wearing red T-shirts and rallying with picket signs, banners, and noisemakers in front of city schools and government offices. The public […]

Performance Evaluation

When It Comes to Job Performance, Is Everyone Extraordinary?

Recently, we had an interesting discussion in our weekly executive meeting. At our company, we’re just wrapping up our annual performance evaluations. We were talking about how the process went this year and what we could do to improve it. One of our senior team members  said our evaluation system can actually hurt morale. Here’s […]


Hot List:New York Times Bestselling Business Books

The following is a list of the bestselling hardcover business books as ranked by the New York Times on January 14. 1. Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad For Life By James L. Cramer The hyper-active host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” offers his prescription for striking it rich for life. 2. The Age of Turbulence By Alan […]