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Case Study: GNC Implements Cloud-Based Training Program

“In an effort to maintain product knowledge standards among employees in its 9,000+ retail, franchise, and distribution locations, GNC (stores are General nutrition Centers) has partnered with software company ePath Leaning Inc., to train its employees,” reports Adi Menayang in an article for Nutra Ingredients USA titled “GNC ramps up employee training program with new […]

How Mentorship Programs Can Benefit Shift Workers

According to research emphasized in The Atlantic, evidence suggests that mentorship programs strengthen recruiting initiatives, boost employee engagement, help train future leaders of a company, increase diversity, and raise rates of employee loyalty and retention. However, mentorship programs are often designed specifically for salaried workers who work routine 9–5 shifts, and leave shift workers out. […]

Integrations Every Enterprise Will Need Their LMS to Have in 2018 (Part 1)

Research projects the Learning Management System (LMS) market will continue to grow and that it’ll be worth $7.83 billion during 2018. Many LMS vendors are responding to the accelerated competition in the market space by providing customers with a variety of integration capabilities for their LMSs. Read on to learn the integrations every enterprise will […]

Tools for Tracking and Managing Compliance Requirements and Activities

Compliance is a key corporate activity, the importance of which can’t be overstated. Compliance isn’t relevant only for highly-regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Every business is regulated in some way or another, including oversight of basic issues like employee pay and workplace safety. The myriad regulations that touch a business can be intimidating for […]

Different Types of Cross-Training and Why Your Business Needs Them

According to recent research highlighted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), now is the time for professionals in the Human Resources (HR) department to step up and fully embrace cross-training programs. By many counts, 60% of the workforce in North America is underengaged, and employee retention is a huge problem. Fortunately, members of […]

Lonely in L&D Land? How to Prevent Feelings of Isolation

Lonely? Sometimes being an L&D (Learning and Development) manager can promote feelings of isolation. You’re in charge of everyone else’s learning, development, and growth, but what about your own? Below are a few things you can do as an L&D manager to prevent feelings of isolation. And as you do them, you’ll also be boosting […]

‘But I Didn’t Know It Was Harassment’ (Training Needed)

Sexual harassment has been all over the headlines in recent months. The Harvey Weinstein scandal demonstrated that abuses by powerful men against vulnerable and until-now-voiceless employees, colleagues, and acquaintances are not a thing of the past. In the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations, accusations have come out against a large number of politicians, celebrities, sports […]