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Was Chicago Janitor Passed Up for Promotion Due to Age? 7th Circuit Weighs In

The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers employers in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin—recently heard a claim in which a Chicago janitor says he was passed up for a promotion due to his age. However, the employer says it was because he failed to pass the exams required for the promotion. Does the janitor have […]

Can employer use subjective criteria to evaluate workers during probationary period?

by Paul Côté-Lépine There is sometimes uncertainty surrounding the proper scope of evaluation for a probationary employee. Is an employer limited to relying on neutral, objective criteria, or can the employer also consider subjective criteria? According to a Quebec arbitrator in Syndicat des cols bleus regroupés de Montréal (SCFP, section locale 301) c. Montréal (Ville […]