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EEOC Revamps EEO-1 Report for 2007

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has implemented the first major changes to the EEO-1 Report in decades. EEO-1 Reports must be filed annually by employers with 100 or more employees, or employers with federal government contracts of $50,000 or more and 50 or more employees. The EEO-1 Report provides the federal government with […]

Telecommuting: What Are the Pros and Cons?

We have a few employees who want to work from home. While their work is the type of thing that can be done from home, we’re unsure if there are any legal risks we need to watch out for. Also, we’re concerned that their productivity will suffer. Do you have any advice for us? — […]

Holiday Parties Are All the Rage in 2005

According to a new survey by HR consulting firm Hewitt Associates, almost three-quarters (74 percent) of employers are planning to host a party for employees this holiday season. Twenty-seven percent of these employers plan to spend $5,000 or less on their parties, 30 percent will pay between $5,000 and $20,000, and 15 percent will spend […]

Employees May Shoulder Bigger Health Care Costs

According to the results of a new survey by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, business owners and benefits managers whose companies currently pay for at least some health-insurance benefits expect healthcare costs to jump an additional 12 percent over the next year–and they will ask their employees to pay an average of 21 percent of […]

Many Employees Plan to Work Past Normal Retirement Age

Almost 7 out of 10 American workers report that they plan to have a working retirement, working full- or part-time for pay past normal retirement age—and a full 12 percent say they believe they’ll never be able to retire. Another 14 percent say they want to work as volunteers in their golden years, and just […]

Universal Health Care: Will Ballot Measure Pass?

One of the more controversial laws enacted in California last year was S.B. 2, the Health Insurance Act of 2003. The law requires many California businesses to either provide health coverage to part- and full-time employees or pay a fee into a state health coverage fund. The law is scheduled to be phased in beginning […]

Employee Internet Use: How You Can Guard Against Online Risks—A 7-Point Internet Policy Checklist

One of your employees has been copying pornographic images off the Internet and showing them to coworkers. Another has been distributing racist jokes through company e-mail. And others have downloaded some hot new software onto their office PCs, violating federal copyright laws. It’s bad enough these employees are surfing the Net instead of working. But […]

Affirmative Action: OFCCP Sends Out Wave of EO Surveys

In connection with affirmative action regulations that were revised in 2000, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs annually sends out what’s known as an EO survey to randomly selected federal contractors. The mandatory survey—which has stirred much controversy among federal contractors who claim that it’s burdensome—asks contractors to submit a […]