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Employer Community Sees Downsides to Coronavirus Order Limiting Immigration

President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would suspend immigration to the United States as part of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic sparked anger among businesses reliant on foreign workers. Perhaps bowing to that pressure, the final version of the president’s executive order (EO) doesn’t affect temporary foreign workers, but employers may still worry […]

Employer rules for temporary foreign workers in Canada

by Stéphane Aublet A work permit is generally issued based on a specific job offer made by a particular Canadian employer (or an employer doing business in Canada). As such, the employer commits itself to providing the foreign worker with wages, working conditions, and employment that are similar to the terms set out in the […]

Understand Workers’ Applications for Permanent Residence

By Naseem Malikand Daniel Pugen McCarthy Tetrault Let’s say you are the human resources director for a Canadian-based operation with affiliates in other countries. One of your numerous responsibilities is to manage the company’s temporary foreign workers, including Americans, in Canada. A challenge you face is handling retention issues with some foreign workers. Given their […]