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From My Cold, Dead Hands

You might have heard that the Supreme Court recently threw out the District of Columbia’s decades-long ban on handguns. Of course, there are limitations. If you are mentally insane or a convicted felon, then you’re out of luck. So, many of our favorites on The Office probably still can’t pack heat into the Capitol — […]

The Feud is On!

Though no repeat on NBC tonight, I have very good news to report! The cast of The Office will appear on a celebrity version of the Family Feud on NBC, Tuesday night at 8 p.m Eastern / 7 p.m. Central. Undoubtedly, with that cast (and others on that night – namely American Gladiators), there will […]

Dude, Here Comes the Torch!

My love of “The Office” causes me to lament these weeks where we don’t get a new episode (or even repeat) to enjoy.  But while I certainly miss my weekly dose of Michael and gang, I need not look further than our very own United States Supreme Court to provide us with more scintillating material […]

Well, Isn’t That Special!

Last week’s episode of The Office, “Goodby Toby,” sure gave us plenty to chew on.  So, I’m taking advantage of this week’s break to turn to another Dunder Mifflin pickle presented by the finale — Kevin.  As we saw, Dwight planted the seed with Holly that Kevin is mentally disabled.  Kevin’s natural demeanor certainly drove […]

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Finally, the strike is officially over. And, according to the New York Times, new episodes of “The Office” will start airing on April 10, 2008. Thank God! In the meantime, there are plenty of real life cases with facts so bizarre that they rival the plots dreamed up by Hollywood writers. To get us started, […]

The Initiation Reprised

When I first saw this episode, I thought, surely initiation pranks don’t really occur at work. After all, adults know that the workplace is not an extension of their fraternity houses. I did some research. I was wrong. In one case, Los Angeles firefighters mixed dog food into the spaghetti dinner of a co-worker who […]

The Negotiation

Litigation Value: $350,000 Phew – finally a new episode! While any episode of The Office is a good one, it’s nice to have new material to discuss. As always, the gang at Dunder Mifflin did not disappoint with this week’s super-sized episode. Employers who fail to fire employees who tape pepper spray canisters, nunchucks, and […]

HR Bonanza

Last night’s five episode marathon of The Office was an HR executive’s nightmare!  Below, I’ve blogged about the litigation value of each of the five episodes separately — four of which are entirely new entries as the episodes were from previous seasons.  While they aired as individual episodes, if these incidents were to occur in […]