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New Oregon law allows veterans to take off on Veterans Day

by Calvin L. Keith Veterans Day is coming up on November 11, and a new law in Oregon makes the day even more significant for veterans who want the day off. The 2013 Oregon Legislature passed a bill requiring employers to provide veterans with paid or unpaid time off on Veterans Day. “Veterans” include those […]

Caregiver responsibility discrimination: an emerging issue

by Joseph U. Leonoro For years, federal, state, and local employment laws have prohibited discrimination based on various protected characteristics, such as gender, race, disability, and age. In recent years, a new theory of discrimination, frequently referred to as “caregiver responsibility discrimination,” has emerged. There’s no federal  law that explicitly prohibits discrimination based on caregiving […]

Handling time off: PTO vs. traditional plans

It’s summer and employers are deep into the peak vacation season — a time when they may be wondering if they’re handling time off in the best way. The paid time off (PTO) system has gained popularity in recent years although a 2010 survey by WorldatWork, a group focusing on human resources issues, found that […]

Juggling Work and Vacation

Juggling Work and Play during Vacation Season

As peak vacation season nears and employees begin jockeying with coworkers to take off the days and weeks they want, employers may be wondering if their time-off policies are fair, simple, and effective or if they complicate work schedules unnecessarily. What’s more important — logging a specified number of hours every weekday, or producing an […]

New FMLA regulations explained

A special issue of HR Hero Line, a free weekly e-zine from HR Hero and employment law attorneys who are part of the Employers Counsel Network, took an in-depth look at the new FMLA regulations that go into effect January 16 and what they mean to employers. “10 key changes in new FMLA regulations” by […]