Train Employees to Cope with the Aftermath of Workplace Violence

The material in today’s Advisor is adapted from BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer session, “Coping with the Aftermath of Workplace Violence.” Review Security Procedures Review security procedures and equipment (surveillance cameras, silent alarms, etc.). Discuss any changes made as a result of the incident. If there was a breach of security that allowed the perpetrator into […]

Top 10: Training Daily Advisor Review

Coaching Can Be Effective–But There Are Challenges In yesterday’s Advisor, we reported on a recent survey that asked how effective coaching is as a training option. In today’s Advisor, we’ll look at the greatest challenges in coaching as well as examine a useful new leadership training resource. Top 10: Training Daily Advisor Year in Review […]

11 Stress Management Training Tips

You can’t eliminate the stress your employees bring to work, but you can identify and eliminate organizational stressors. And you can provide tools and information to help workers manage their stress on their own. Stress management expert Susie Mantell (www.relaxintuit.com) is a firm believer in the power of incremental steps when trying to manage stress […]

Train Your People on the ABCs of the ADA

The material in this issue comes from BLR®’s popular 10-Minute HR Trainer session, “The ADA—What Supervisors Need to Know.” Train your supervisors and managers on these basic facts, definitions, and requirements regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. What Does “Reasonable Accommodation” Mean? The ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation, if necessary, to enable an […]

Do You Know the FUNdamentals of Safety Training?

When it comes to openers and closers, safety consultant Linda Tapp urges trainers to keep in mind the law of primary and “recency.” Trainees are going to remember what you do first and last. So you want to make sure to choose the right activities—activities at the beginning of the session that will get trainees […]

Make Leadership Training a Priority

Let’s continue our presentation of valuable leadership training information from BLR‘s PowerPoint™ session “Leadership Skills—What New Supervisors And Managers Need To Know.” Six Degrees of Delegation Give managers and supervisors these six steps in the delegation process: Determine the task. Define the task. Select the right person for the job. Explain the task. Provide support […]

How One Company Trains Its Managers

Dominium (www.dominiumapartments.com), an apartment community management and development firm, has been running Dominion University for several years. A key program offered through Dominium University is Community Manager Continuing Education, which is similar to the orientation course, but geared toward upper-level, advanced supervisors as a refresher course, she says. Dominium University also features other classes that […]

Tips on Getting the Biggest Bang from Your Training Buck

Use these approaches to get the best return on training investments: View training as an ongoing process. Reassess training needs regularly to make sure that current needs—not outdated ones—are being addressed. Seek employees’ input. In addition to asking supervisors and managers to identify skills gaps, talk to individual employees about their training needs and encourage […]

Train Managers to Avoid Rookie Hiring Mistakes?

If you have not identified your critical needs, and how to screen for them, you’ll fail, says Susan M. Heathfield, blogging about hiring mistakes on About.com. Here are two more of her mistakes managers make. 7. Failure to Differentiate the Critical Job Skills Everyone has a wish list for their ideal candidate, but you must […]

More Tips for Evaluating Training Sessions

Evaluation of classroom training also involves evaluating your own performance as a trainer and assessing the effectiveness of your training methods and presentation. Here’s how to get training evaluations during and after your training sessions: Use a survey. One of the most common ways to do this is to ask trainees for feedback, using some […]