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Need More Effective Training to Prevent Sexual Harassment?

In today’s Advisor, we’ll propose several scenarios that will help with your anti-harassment training. Jack and Jill Jack, a manager, asks Jill, one of his supervisors, out on a date. She says “No,” he never asks her again, and their business relationship continues as it was. Any problem? [Not immediately, but what if Jill suffers […]

Performance Appraisal Ratings—Training Required!

Because poor performance is often advanced as the reason for a termination, the performance appraisal system is often the crux of the defense against a wrongful termination suit. Here’s how to train your managers and supervisors to make sure your appraisals hold up. Direct Legal Problems in Appraisals One common claim is from an employee […]

'They Never Told Me'

‘Surely They Know What I Want’ Managers and supervisors don’t like confronting their employees about performance problems so they tend to assume that employees are aware that they are not doing an acceptable job. Unfortunately, employees don’t think that way. They assume that everything is fine unless they are told otherwise. Then if there’s a […]