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Training Priorities for 2018 Part III: Accessing Skill Competencies and Understanding the Impact of Technology

This is the third of 3 posts covering LinkedIn’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report. Part one looked at training for soft skills and global training, while Part two covered internal skill gaps, and tracking skill development. Today, we’ll look at the fifth and sixth top priorities: accessing skill competencies and understanding the impact of technology.


Training Priorities for 2018 Part II: Internal Skill Gaps and Tracking Skill Development

Yesterday’s post looked at the top two priorities identified in LinkedIn’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report” –training for soft skills and global training. In this post, we’ll look at the third and fourth: delivering insights on internal skill gaps and tracking skill development. (And we’ll cover the fifth and sixth tomorrow.) Learning and development (L&D) are increasingly […]

Training Priorities for 2018 Part I: Training for Soft Skills and Global Training

LinkedIn is one of the first go-tos for employers and jobseekers alike when trying to find and fill open positions. This professional social media platform has branched out beyond its initial roots to offer a wide range of content creation on an array of topics related to career advancement, recruitment, and employee development. Recently, LinkedIn […]

Is Leadership Development one of Your Training Priorities?

A leadership skills gap and limited talent pipeline are prompting mid-sized and large companies to make a renewed commitment to leadership development, according to a recent survey. “The Rising Risk of a Double-Dip Leadership Crisis: A Pulse Survey on Exploring the Increased Focus on Leadership Development” found that Fortune 1000 companies do not have enough […]