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The Importance of Accommodations

In part one of this article we began to explore a survey conducted by The Standard concerning disability management. Today we’ll look at how disabled workers were connected to resources and the importance of accommodations.

3 essential areas of supervisor training

by Jason Ritchie It’s imperative that you train your supervisors on key workforce management topics. Here are three compliance areas that should top your training list.  Knowing company policy and legal obligations Because supervisors are the frontline company representatives who have the most day-to-day contact with employees, they need to know and understand your company […]

Riding herd on FMLA abuse

by Charles S. Plumb Understanding and applying the rules of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) causes employers and HR professionals untold frustration — frustration that’s heightened by employees who unfairly take advantage of the Act and its complexities. Here are some practical suggestions for enforcing the FMLA and cutting down on FMLA abuse […]