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Could VR Help You Bring Employee Training into the Modern Age?

With COVID-19 upending nearly every aspect of the way we work, many companies spent the greater part of last year trying to find the best way to stay productive while ensuring employees’ and customers’ safety. For many, this meant taking the traditional processes and making them remote without disrupting established workflows. The agendas of meetings […]


Business Travel: 4 Ways to Mix Satisfaction with Policy Compliance

Yesterday’s Advisor explored the latest findings regarding corporate travel program “leakage” – those policy and usage challenges that confound even the most well-managed business travel policies. Today, we delve deeper into what we introduced yesterday: How traveler satisfaction and policy compliance go hand-in-hand. Here are four tips to guide your efforts.

GSA Chastened Over ‘Lavish’ Conference Expenses

Federal offices have to follow federal travel guidelines, and federal rates form the basis of tax treatment of private sector business travel reimbursements as well. But what happens when the federal government agency that develops travel policy goes astray from its own guidelines? The report by GSA Inspector General (IG) Brian D. Miller said that […]

Ways for Workers and Businesses to Save Money by Cutting Gas and Energy Use

Your employees are probably feeling the pinch, and in many workplaces, talk has already turned to winter survival and energy costs if heating oil, natural gas, and electricity are as expensive as it looks like they will be. You’d like to help, but businesses are feeling the pinch, too. Rising energy costs make it more […]